Housing Program

At the core of our mission lies a deep understanding of the profound challenges that confront youth who have aged out of the foster care system, those who have never experienced a stable home, and those who yearn for a sense of belonging.

When we establish a new location for SHP, we mindfully craft a nurturing environment, tailored to provide a true sense of belonging and a place they can call home.

Each home is named in honor of individuals who have made a significant impact on the Seed House Project. Their stories embody the very essence of our mission, vision, and core values, serving as daily reminders of the profound purpose that propels our work forward.

At Seed House Project, our mission extends far beyond simply providing a place to live. We’re committed to fostering a sense of home that goes deeper—a home that travels with you, a home worth preserving, a home that plays a pivotal role in shaping your identity. This concept of “home” is at the heart of our mission, and it’s all about helping our youth discover their “why.”

We firmly believe that once an individual finds their purpose, the prospect of homelessness fades into the past. At Seed House Project, we go beyond offering shelter; we provide the essential tools and support needed to unearth our youth’s purpose and thrive.